The balance between focus and tunnel vision

Weight: 132 lbs

Breakfast: Plain Greek yogurt with blueberries

Lunch: Mac & cheese, tomato bisque

Afternoon snack: dried kiwi, sliced ham wrapped around a cheese stick

Dinner: Spinach salad with walnuts/craisins/balsamic vinaigrette, apple, mini cucumbers

Dessert: Dave & Andy’s ice cream

Today I was supposed to run. I was also supposed to keep up with my clean eating. But, life got in the way. Instead of working out, I went to play with puppies (I mean, wouldn’t you?). I packed my healthy lunch as usual, but then my friends invited me to get lunch for a friend’s birthday. It’s not like either of these things is a major setback or even bad for me! But, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed in myself for not strictly following my plans for myself. Sure, my body needs fitness and nutrients, but social interaction and down-time is also a necessity.

It’s always been hard for me to focus on one thing without becoming so obsessed with it that I lose sight of other things. Like how trying to be conscious of what I am eating can actually ruin my mood and ability to enjoy life. A commitment to succeeding in school or a career can cause the rest of your life to suffer before you even realize it. This is something that I want to try to avoid from now on. I don’t want to ever feel bad about not being perfect. That is the opposite of what I am trying to do. My new goal is to always be positive about what I accomplish, whether that includes everything I planned for it to include or not. So, I’m going to start adding positive statements about my progress to my posts.

+I still ate 2 clean meals

++I got to play with puppies

+++I haven’t gained weight


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