My primary motivation for starting this blog is boredom. Yep, boredom. You would think that working a 40 hour week would keep you pretty busy, but to be honest I’ve never been so bored in my life. It sure as hell doesn’t help that I’m a broke college student who can’t really afford to do fun things that cost money. Luckily, going to the gym doesn’t. I’ve always liked the feeling of completing a good workout, and it sure doesn’t hurt to have a way to blow off some steam either. That’s why I’m thankful for all the free time on my hands because it means that I can spend 2 hours at the gym everyday and not have to stress about getting my homework done or studying for that test in a few days.

So why blog about the gym? I have spent most of my “adult” life being overly conscious about what I eat and how much I workout. Food and I don’t have the best track record. I used to be able to eat whatever I want and still be about the thickness of a ruler. But then I finished growing and didn’t have a kid’s metabolism anymore and couldn’t be quite so extravagant. It probably doesn’t help that I loooooove food (I mean who doesn’t?!), but to me it’s also an emotional haven. I reward myself with food when I’m stressed or bored and it gives me something to look forward to. Most of the time I eat without even tasting or appreciating my food. I’m trying to change that. I want to eat  with the purpose of nourishing my body and feeling good. And, since I like to workout, I want to blog about working out because it’s a much more positive form of setting goals than “okay, I’m going to stop eating ___”.

As I start this blog I am definitely not new to fitness. I played tennis for nearly 10 years, danced for half of that, and have completed 3 half-marathons. I’ve been lifting weights for over a year. The problem is, besides time and injury, I often get distracted from my goals and can’t keep up with a plan for as long as it would take for me to see the results that I want. I’m hoping that by keeping up with a blog about my fitness habits (and hopefully I do), that I will be holding myself more accountable for sticking to my goals. Time will only tell!


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